Some upcomming openings

On Friday 20th February from 7pm

Anlässlich des zweijährigen Bestehens der Galerie zeigt Hunchentoot eine Gruppenausstellung von Künstlern der Galerie. Die Künstler geben Einblicke in aktuelle Prozesse ihrer Arbeit und stellen Projekte vor, die im Lauf des Jahres in Einzelausstellungen gezeigt werden. Dies verleiht der Ausstellung den Charakter einer Laborsituation. Die Ausstellung zeigt Arbeiten von:

Tobias Becker, Philipp Hennevogl, Thomas Kutschker, Enda O'Donoghue, Gregor Stephan,
Tom Schmelzer

The exhibition runs until 14.03.2009

Hunchentoot, Galerie für zeitgenössische Positionen, Choriner Straße 8, 10119 Berlin


Open Studio Day
Takt Kunstprojektraum
Artist Residency
The current artists of the February residency program
show their new Berlin works:
painting, objects, sculpture, performance.

Saturday, February 21, 2 -7pm
Grünberger Str. 1, 10243 Berlin, 1st floor left (ring "Takt")

Participating artists:

Francesca Amati, Italy
Ashleigh Burskey, USA
Lino di Vinci, Italy
Nike Forsander Lorentzen, Denmark
Yoko Ishiguro, Japan
Karena Keys, Australia
Kiera Brew Kurec, Australia
Josh Pearce, Australia
Anthony Reach, USA


Gallery [DAM]Berlin is looking forward to presenting you the following exhibition:

LAb[au], LAboratory for Architecture and Urbanism
(M.Abendroth, J.Decock, A.Plennevaux, E.Vermang)

time ¦ emit

Installation, Skulpture

Exhibition: 21. February - 28. March 2009 /
Preview: Friday, 20. February, 7-9 pm

The artist group LAb[au] from Brussels is known for its large-scale light-
installations and kinetic objects in urban spaces

Their exhibition deals with the subject time. On the basis of cybernetics and
the theory of colours they transform time in light and colours. The local time
of different time zones on earth will be shown as a perpetually changing
colour installation on twelve consoles according to the principle of GMT.
The code of the installation - the concept of the work - is visualised as a text
on the walls of the gallery.

Gallery [DAM]Berlin Tucholskystr. 37 10117 Berlin Germany Fon: +49 30 280 98 135

Simon Starling

Opening tomorrow is an exhibition by Turner Prize winner Simon Starling, in the big blue and white box near the demolished Palast der Republik... otherwise know as the Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin.

Friday, February 6, 2009, 9 p.m., exhibition opening of Simon Starling – Under Lime

With his installations, Simon Starling tells stories about natural and cultural processes of transformation. For the exhibition Under Lime, the artist has transplanted an Andalusian cactus to Berlin’s winter, where a converted automotive engine ensures its survival (Kakteenhaus, 2002), and created a mud-brick chamber for sensitive historical photographs (Plant Room, 2008). A balancing act between nature and culture is also integral to Starling’s newest work, for which he cut a lime branch from the nearby “Unter den Linden” boulevard in order to graft it beneath the Kunsthalle’s rafters (Under Lime, 2009).

Duration of the exhibition: February 7 to March 18, 2009.