The final MMX show -Friday October 29th

Not to be missed!!! Friday October 29th the last show of the one-year project that is MMX. Show VII offers the tasty and interactive work of Risa Puno with her kunst vending machine and “Magic Eye” auto
stereogram wall works. James Bullough takes the challenge of transforming the bar space
of MMX while Juan Arata paints the underbelly creatures of Berlin’s nightlife. Geoffrey
Garrison brings his new video installation piece that questions the space and time around
a gilded frame. Screening program VII deals with the theme “the end is just the
beginning”, appropriately fitting for MMX’s history. Fresh from Winnipeg, Lancelot
Coar and Patrick Harrop take over the front of the house. Valentin Hartweck’s
installation will entrap the viewer as they head towards BitteBitteJaJa (collaborative
video works by Ulu Braun and Roland Rauschmeier). The UV light installation by
Jeongmoon Choi finishes the show with an atmospheric and labyrinthian end.
Tacos Berlin will be serving up yummy Mexican food once again at the Vernissage.
Nothing less than a stellar last show with unexpected installations and weekly
performances by Argentinian artist Martin Molinaro

MMX- Open Art Venue
Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Wed 12-22 Thu-Sun 12-19
Exhibition: October 29 – December 3
Opening: October 29, 2010 18:00-22:00

Friday Openings

La Chose presents
MMX Open Art Venue, Linienstrasse 142/143, 10115 Berlin

Sascha Blume · Carly Fisher · Lola Göller · Constantin Hartenstein · Hideaki Idetsuki · Martin Meyenburg · Alex Neuschäfer · Pete Moran · Sharman Riegger · Julien Rouvroy · Benjamin Rubloff · Betti Scholz · Elmar Vestner · Bastian Vogel · Das Geschehen

What went wrong with the future? How did tomorrow lose its promise? What happened to the endless possibilities and solutions it once represented to our grandparents? And why is what has not yet happened being handled with so much precaution and skepticism nowadays?
Drawing on broad ranging perspectives, the exhibition will seek to provide a critical view of the possibilities and shortcomings of once-dreamt utopian totalities. By exploring what relevance these past imaginings of the future hold for current notions of progress, it will also expose our own ideas of what is yet to come.
The exhibition venue, the MMX, offers 1000sqm of floor space plus surrounding gardens to examine the topic at hand. The area is one of the last untouched, unrenovated buildings on Linienstrasse in Mitte. With its intimate front yard, labyrinthine layout of gallery rooms and back courtyard, the MMX provides a unique backdrop to this unusual exhibition.
The exhibition’s title is taken from An Anthology of Optimism, a performance by Pieter de Buysser and Jacob Wren.

La Chose is a project-based artist collective established in 2009. The collective consists of a small core group of artists who invite an ever-changing line-up of visual artists, performers, musicians and composers to collaborate with them on projects that are often site specific.


"Visit" - Lexander Prokogh at G11 Galerie
Opening reception will take place on Friday, the 15th of October, at 7pm.
Exhibition runs: 16. Oktober - 14. November 2010

G11 Galerie
Landsberger Allee 54, 3. Etage
10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Haunch of Venison Berlin to close

News from The Art Newspaper:
"Haunch of Venison gallery is to close its Berlin space at the end of the year to focus on New York and London. “Berlin is one of the most energetic and exciting art cities, but it doesn’t have that community of collecting,” said London director Matt Carey-Williams."

The Haunch of Venison opened its Berlin branch in 2007 on Heidestrasse and a bunch of other galleries sprung up and moved in around it. Over those 3 years the Haunch has presented shows by some well known names such Bill Viola, Mat Collishaw, Richard Long, Damien Hirst and most recently Yoko Ono. The Haunch of Venison gallery was founded in 2002 in the West End of London and since February 2007 it has been owned by Christies' auction house. 

Berlin art fair season is open

Let the madness begin! This week sees the opening of Berlins annual arts fairs. And this year there are actually 5 art fairs running concurrently. 

Starting with the Berliner Kunstsalon which opens this evening, Tuesday 5th October at 5pm. Now in it's seventh year it has found a new home on Landsberger Allee in the east of the city and also a new director. It runs for 5 days finishing on Sunday the 10th October and running daily from 2pm to 10pm except on Sunday when it will finish at the earlier time of 8pm. 7 years ago this was the most exciting art fair in the city, it present the youngest, rawest, most cutting edge art of all the art fairs. New galleries, artist run project spaces and collectives presented the best and the worst that Berlin could offer. Over the years it has lost much of its initial freshness and has felt like a record stuck on the same track. This year perhaps it's new location, the a-station, Landsberger Allee may bring new life back to the beast.

Then there is the Berliner Liste opening on Wednesday 6th October at 6pm. Also in its 7th year it presents the work of artists represented by small and mid sized galleries and also a number of project spaces and individual artists. Located at the former rooms of the Staatliche Münze, Molkenmarkt 2. The Liste has seemed to be struggling a little over the past few years to fill all the slots in the fair as the expansion to allow individual artists and projects to apply for spaces would suggest. It is far more commercial than the Kunstsalon and has always felt like the little brother of the Preview but these dynamics seem to be shifting at each outing so who knows what this year will bring.

The Preview is located for the 4th year at the grand address of the Tempelhof airport and opens on Thursday 7th October. Last year it filled the main entrance hallway of the airport and ended up feeling like an uncurated group exhibition due to the lack of dividing walls between the galleries so this year thankfully it is returning to the setting of hanger 2. This is the 6th year of the art fair which for most of those 6 years has been the number two on the list in terms of importance. It is smaller in the number of galleries that it presents than the Liste and tends to feel more international. This year it has a focus on Eastern European art.

The ABC art Berlin contemporary is in its 3rd year and is opening on Wednesday, 6 October. It is split between 2 locations Marshall-Haus, Berlin Exhibition Grounds and HAU2 (Hebbel am Ufer), Hallesches Ufer 32. This year is has the title "lights camera action" and has a focus on film in art, presenting screenings at the HAU2 location and a short film program at the Marshall-Haus location. Although the newest fair on the block this year it has strong ties with the main attraction the Art Forum and would seem to have a less commercial than the other fairs.

The Art Forum Berlin is in its 15th year and has risen to become one of the most important, if not the most important, art fair in Germany. It presents an array of the most established international galleries and also an exhibition section showing work from younger or mid-level galleries. This year it is all going to be mixed together rather than separating the big fish from the minnows which may make it a more interesting spectacle. 
Find out more here: 

This year there is also the Stroke Art fair which is focused on Streetart, Graffiti, Low-Brow, Illustration and Skateboard Art see more here:

The one fact that everyone agrees on is that there is too much to see. Do remember that the opening day or night is generally free but for the bigger art fairs these are by invitation only. Also remember never go to an art fair when you are hungry.

Curator appointed for 2012 Berlin Biennale

7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art, 2012

Artur Żmijewski appointed curator

KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin is pleased to announce that Artur Żmijewski has been appointed curator of the 7th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art.
The 7th Berlin Biennale will take place in early 2012.

Visual artist Artur Żmijewski, born in 1966 in Warsaw (Poland), works almost exclusively with the media of photography and film. He is particularly interested in the power of art and its relation to politics. From an almost anthropological viewpoint he investigates social norms, morality and representations of power in today’s society and the effects that art have on it. Żmijewski studied in the sculpture class of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski at the Warsaw Art Academy from 1990 to 1995 as well as at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam in 1999. His work has been internationally shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions. In 2005 he represented Poland at the 51st Art Biennale in Venice. He is member of the Polish political movement "Krytyka Polityczna" and the art director of the magazine of the same name. Żmijewski lives and works in Warsaw.

The selection committee for the curatorship of the 7th Berlin Biennale consisted of Jacob Fabricius, Malmö Konsthall; Bartomeu Mari, MACBA – Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona; Matthias Mühling, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München, Munich; Joanna Mytkowska, The Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw; and Hoor Al Qasimi, Sharjah Biennial.

The Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art is since its 4th edition one of the institutions supported by the German Federal Cultural Foundation as "outstanding cultural event". The support of 2.5 Million Euro per edition ensures that Berlin’s "most important event for contemporary art" enjoys planning stability, enabling the organizers to address issues of content in an experimental way.

Established in 1998, the Berlin Biennale has become a major international event for contemporary art. Located in Berlin, in the midst of the vibrant cultural scene in the fast-changing capital of Germany, the Berlin Biennale has received an enthusiastic response from the audience as an experimental, forward-looking and contextual show. The six editions of the Berlin Biennale that have taken place to date explored a variety of exhibition formats and involved diverse curatorial agendas. Previous curators have been:
1st Berlin Biennale (1998): Klaus Biesenbach with Nancy Spector and Hans Ulrich Obrist
2nd Berlin Biennale (2001): Saskia Bos
3rd Berlin Biennale (2004): Ute Meta Bauer
4th Berlin Biennale (2006): Maurizio Cattelan, Massimiliano Gioni, and Ali Subotnick
5th Berlin Biennale (2008): Adam Szymczyk and Elena Filipovic
6th Berlin Biennale (2010): Kathrin Rhomberg

The Berlin Biennale is organized by KW Institute for Contemporary Art and funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

Auguststraße 69
D-10117 Berlin

Open Studios @ GlogauAIR, Berlin - 24 & 25 September

Open Studios at GlogauAIR in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

24.9. Friday Opening from 7 to 10 pm with Bar.
25.9. Saturday Open from 3 to 8 pm

GlogauAIR opens it´s doors to show the work of 13 artists who are currently in the residence programme. We invite the public to visit the studios in which international artists exchange their individual experiences, techniques and ideas in a globalized context.

Open studios is the opportunity experience contemporary art in a vivid process - painting, film, installation, photography and work in progress - and to meet the artists in their own spaces.

This open studios exhibition shows the works of 13 international artists who came to GlogauAIR for either three or six months. As a non profit organization, GlogauAIR’s main aim is to create a dynamic of work and coexistence between artists from diverse social and geographical backgrounds, encouraging an exchange of ideas and an internationalization of individual projects. Open Studios represent the perfect opportunity to confirm that aim.


Venue : GlogauAIR
Glogauerstrasse 16
10999 Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany

+49 30 612 2275

In Search of the Virtual Sublime - MMX, Berlin - Sun 19th Sept

In Search of the Virtual Sublime
Join new-media artist Jon Rafman on an existential journey through the multi-user virtual environment of Second Life. Rafman’s Kool-Aid Man avatar will lead audiences across futuristic cyberpunk megalopolises, exotic furry sex clubs, and psychedelic jungles, while providing live critical commentary and discussing the implications of virtual worlds for modern society. Starts at 7pm.

MMX Berlin
Linienstraße 142
10115 Berlin
DE +49 (0)1512 111 6399

I'm not there at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin

"I'm not there"
17 September · 20:00 - 23:30
Location CHB Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
Dorotheenstraße 12
Featuring the work of
Attila Szücs, painting
Simone Haack, painting
Deenesh Ghyczy, painting
Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzales, drawing
Steffi Stangl, Installation

and curated by: Uwe Goldenstein

Eröffnungsrede: Detlef Stein (Bremen)

Ausgehend von der Malerei des in Budapest lebenden Attila Szucs´ gesellen sich vier Berliner Künstler dazu, die sich in atmosphärischer wie philosophischer Hinsicht seiner distanzierten und malerisch verdichteten Ebene einzufühlen vermögen. Vielschichtig erweitern sie Szucs´ aparte Welt und laden sie mit zusätzlicher Spannung auf. Unter dem Banner der Verheißung I´m Not There treten alle fünf Künstler als Beschwörer einer brüchigen, mitunter entfernten und in die Latenz verrückten Realität auf. Leise durchbrechen sie etablierte Gesetzmäßigkeiten der alltäglichen Außenwelt und verweisen suggestiv auf eine Innerlichkeit unter der Oberfläche, auf scheinbar abwesende, unbewusste und unsichtbare Vorgänge. Neben einigen ganz neuen und speziell für I´m Not There konzipierten Arbeiten von Attila Szucs (*1967) erweitern die vier hervorragenden Berliner Künstler aus einer Generation: Simone Haack (*1978), Deenesh Ghyczy (*1970), Alejandro Rodriguez Gonzalez (*1974) und Steffi Stangl (*1976) mit ausgewählten Arbeiten den von Szucs vorgegebenen Weg zur Entschleunigung, Vertiefung und Infragestellung der absurd normalen Verhältnisse. Um unter die Oberfläche zu gelangen, tauchen sie in ihre abgeschotteten Innenwelten ab, um uns mit ihren Spiegelungen und Gegenentwürfen zu konfrontieren und zu bereichern. (Text von Uwe Goldenstein, Kurator)

Mehr Infos zu den Künstlern:
Einige bildliche Eindrücke finden Sie hier. (Facebook).

Künstler- und Kuratorengespräch (u.a. mit Attila Szucs): 29. September um 20:00 in der Moholy-Nagy Galerie des CHB

Tonight, for one night only : 9 Doors - 15 Artists

For one night only in Berlin, 'Team Fucking Brilliant' brings you a feast of experience. Set in the old corridors of the former Mint, TFB presents 9 closed rooms to be experienced and have experiences within.

Am Kroegel 2
Berlin, Germany

Artists involved:

ANTOINE CAPEYRON (Bordeaux, France)
Designer and art-collector.

KATHERINE CANNON (London, England)
Architect who dreams up buildings that can't be built.


ROSS WALKER (Farnham, England)
Painter of structures and failure.

EUTECHNIK (Dublin, Ireland)
Audio-artist - sound-design & programming.

PHIL (Essex, England)
Owner of a free ticket to do what ever he likes.

Filmic soundscapes.

DYLAN BAKKER (Wellington, New Zealand)
Selfish reverberations.

NAPHTA (Band from Berlin)
Colourful indie-electro-brass-band.

CRYSTAL AMPS (Band from Berlin & England):
The sound of the most peculiar hangover.

Very special guest with extremely rare and unusual abilities.

September in the air - What to see this week

Image - Hendrik Voerkel - - Malerei - G11 Galerie

In August each year Berlin's art world goes into hibernation as galleries put up "gone fishing" signs and close their doors. The dust settles on the last exhibition which often still graces the walls and plans are made for September when the whole game begins again. While there were a few openings last weekend, possibly to coincide with the Lange Nacht der Museen, this coming Friday and Saturday sees the true kick off of the new season with the opening of a considerable number of fresh new shows. But what to see, with so much to choose from? Well here are a few suggestions of what might be worth a gander: 

DOLL | KOTT - Alexander Ochs Galleries
Eröffnung | Opening - Freitag, 3. September, 19-21 Uhr

Presenting the work of Christina Doll and Anna Kott
In Christina Doll's work, full figure sculptures take centre stage. Anna Kott creates paintings of women. The exhibition DOLL | KOTT arranges an encounter of two autonomous positions.

Born in 1972 in Cologne and 1975 in Ruda Slaska / Poland, both painters focus on human existence, the idea of men and women in their social environment, as well as their cultural, religious and sexual contexts in different ways.
Both Berlin-based artists work with restrained colours, in the sense of a consciously reduced repertoire. While the colour of Christina Doll's work is given by the porcelain and concrete used, Anna Kott restricts herself to two cold colours: grey and a strong contrasting red.
Christina Doll's work can be classified as a part of the long tradition of Berliner statuary since neo-classicism, in which full figure statues, mainly life-size and in honour of the pictured person, were installed in public places. During the romantic era, porcelain and plaster miniatures of these portraits were created for domestic usage.
Anna Kott's work can be seen here:
and Christina Doll's here:

Sophienstrasse 21
10178 Berlin

Come Live in my Head - Galerie WAGNER + PARTNER
Opening reception with the artist:  Friday 3 Sep 7-10 p.m.

The works of Australian artist Natascha Stellmach are emotional investigations into the dark worlds of memory, the unconscious and the unspoken. Her installations, photographs and videos are thought-provoking and compelling.
In Guatemala, children who are scared of going to sleep are given tiny handmade dolls (worry dolls) for underneath their pillow. By passing on their fears to the doll they can then sleep peacefully. In Stellmach’s ongoing series Worry Dolls, she creates unique works that embody the secrets and nightmares of adults and take on monstrous forms. With titles like Nazi Girl, Killer or Fuckhead, these worry dolls reveal personal stories whose biographical core represents collective experiences and thus becomes universal.
In the series Blood, Stellmach uses photographs as mementos in combination with her own text, bringing forth new associations and alternative narratives.
This formal approach of juxtaposing text and image enables Stellmach to link reality with fiction. She brings into play documentary or staged, biographical or found material in order to tell powerful narratives about the transience and darkness of the human condition.
Like French artist Sophie Calle, Natascha Stellmach is a storyteller who harnesses words and images in order to analyse, fictionalise and reassess. She successfully tackles challenging topics through her sense of the poetic paired with intelligence and black humour. With Come Live in my Head Stellmach invites the visitor in a very personal way to explore the self. In the end there is indeed hope for fantastical dreams.

Natascha Stellmach was born in 1970 to German parents who immigrated to Australia. She works across photography and video and resides in Berlin and Melbourne.
Recurrent themes in her practice are tabooed aspects of identity, childhood memories, love and death. Her mode of working is to combine images and text, consciously blurring biographical facts with fictional storytelling. This approach manifests in her artist books, The Book of Back (2007) und It is Black in Here (2010).

Karl-Marx-Allee 87
10243 Berlin


PAULE HAMMER - Galerie Jette Rudolph
Opening: 3. September, 18:00 - 22:00 Uhr

Galerie Jette Rudolph starts their season in September with a solo show of the Lepzig-based artist, Paule Hammer (b. 1975), his first at this gallery. The show is entitled “World Encyclopedia No.4: Anxiety, Love, Dream“ and will introduce a staging of the entire gallery space based on the artist’s large and middle sized canvases, text-based installation works and sound sculptures.

Paule Hammer’s complex works narrate stories from the ego-perspective with its content centred on the self-image of the individual going through his inner experiences, thoughts, intentions and fantasies. The Berlin show questions the essential necessities around anxiety, love and dream. It is builds on Hammer’s stage “Weltenzyklopädie III/ World Encyclopedia III”, that formed part of the exhibition “Bilder vom Künstler/ Images from the artist” at the Frankfurter Kunstverein at the beginning of 2010, to locate various social roles & their analysis.

The recent works of the artist focus word and text by means of catchwords taken from the title of the exhibition, which are painted in big letters intertwined in a network of connected ‘islands’ joined by lines and punctuated with synapse-like (thought-) knots. The recipient is encircled by an endless questionnaire of existential descriptive patterns, made of collages. The black and white canvases, similar to charts on blackboards, describe the word “love” through the terms “community”, “violence” as well as “man” and “woman”, “animal” and the level of “being”, “family” and “body”. But only the selective view can penetrate the thick meshwork to feel the lines and isles as parts of the thresholds of the margin and dissolution of sense. The three chapters –“anxiety”, “love” and “dream”– are accompanied by a sound sculpture of a cephalopod, with the notations based on a precise translation from word into music created according to the artist’s own system. Hammer takes the recipient on a journey into his soul to audio-visualize the limits of non-objective as well as objectified corporeality; stripped in his dreams becoming himself by another self.

Galerie Jette Rudolph
Zimmerstrasse 90- 91,
D- 10117 Berlin


Approaching the Onion - WILDE Gallery
Opening Friday 3rd September · 19:00 - 21:00

WILDE Gallery is pleased to announce Approaching the Onion, the first solo exhibition of Spanish painter Antonio Santín with the gallery.

Antonio Santín paints scenes of existential ennui, women depicted in domestic yet surreal environments cluttered with material objects. Santín, who specialized in sculpture during his studies, carves forms out of the layers upon layers of paint that he applies, arriving at densely structured yet luminescent compositions. The subjects that Santín selects for his large-scale paintings are primarily young women, who confront the viewer with a stoic gaze, almost morose in its serenity and yet silently defiant, inquisitive and unforgiving.

Santín is a draftsman of exceptional skill. Deriving inspiration from Spanish masters such as Velázquez, Goya and Greco, Santín renders his subjects with precise detail and controlled painterly flourishes. His brushstrokes take on a three dimensional treatment, reducing the paint to graduated matter that is carved away to excavate the inner being of the subject.

Chausseestrasse 7
D-10115 Berlin


Hendrik Voerkel - Malerei - G11 Galerie
Opening Saturday 4th September at 19:00

Hendrik Voerkel reconstructs in thick bright colours and clear shapes an image of contemporary urban environment that at the same time looks familiar and alien.

G11 Galerie
Landsberger Allee 54, 3.Etage

Open studio day at Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin

Tag der offenen Tür Takt Kunstprojektraum Artist Residency

The Artists currently on the residency programme at the Takt Kunstprojektraum will open the doors of their studios and present their work on Sunday, 29th August 2010, between 3pm and 7pm

The Takt Kunstprojektraum is located in Friedrichshain at Grünberger Str. 1-3, 1.OG left (Bell "Takt")

Participating Artists:

Eileen Cubbage, USA
Chris Dennis, England
Tamara Fitzpatrick, USA
Michaela Gleave, Australia
Carlos Gomis, Spain
Sunyung Im, South Corea
Elsa Medra, Spain
Sarah Rushford, USA
Jay Shinn, USA
Anna Steele, Australia
Ed Whalan, Australia

Takt Kunstprojektraum is an autonomous initiative started by artists in 2003. It runs without any external funding.
Since 2009 the residency has become the central element of the project.
10 rooms are set up as an Artist Residency program, designed to host active artists visiting Berlin. The work rooms are the core elements of this effort.
The main goal of the residency program is to provide artists visiting Berlin quick access to an environment that will foster their creative energies.

Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome - NGBK, Opening Friday 27th August

Exhibition and further events at NGBK and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien + film programme at Ballhaus Naunynstrasse
28 August – 10 October 2010
Opening: 27 August 2010, 19:00
Daily, 12:00 – 19:00, Thu – Sa 12:00–20:00, Entrance free

Over the past two years, the interdisciplinary project Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome has been addressing current issues of mobility through workshops, seminars, lectures, artist-in-residence programmes and exhibitions in Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Germany. The themes examined by artists and cultural producers in the context of the project include tourism, migration, and new forms of flexible living and being permanently on the move.

The exhibition in Berlin, taking place at NGBK and Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien is concluding the two-year project and offers a multifaceted parcours through the topics via a selection of 25 artistic positions.
The artists and groups involved come from seventeen countries, of which twelve are in Europe. In their works they make use of research, documentation, fiction, design, irony, invention and a wide variety of media. The exhibition also features projects produced within the Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome residency and production grant scheme. Parallel to the exhibition, the programme of events includes performances, discussions, and a film programme in cooperation with Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Berlin.

Exhibition with:
Isa Andreu (ES) / Timothy Moore (AU), Alex Auriema (USA), Federico Baronello (IT), Ursula Biemann (CH), Aslı Çavuşoğlu (TR), Raphaël Cuomo / Maria Iorio (CH), Carsten Does / Gerda Heck (DE), G-Lab (LT), Daniel Gontz (RO), Sandra Hetzl (DE), Bettina Hutschek (DE), J&K (DE/DK), Thomas Kilpper (DE), Sara Kolster / Suzanne Valkenburg / Eefje Blankevoort (NL), Emanuel Licha (CA), Ives Maes (BE), Plinio Avila Marquez (MX), Eléonore de Montesquiou (FR), Christoph Oertli (CH), Joanne Richardson (USA) / David Rych (AT), Romana Schmalisch (DE), Société Réaliste (FR/HU), Pilvi Takala (FI), Eugenio Tibaldi (IT), Oraib Toukan (USA/JO)

Concept / Initiators:
Marina Sorbello, Antje Weitzel

Venues: Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst, Oranienstrasse 25, 10999 Berlin,
Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2, 10997 Berlin,

04. – 05.09.2010, 16:00–23:00
Film programme with films by: Christian von Borries (DE), Raphaël Cuomo / Maria Iorio (CH), Sandra Hetzl (DE), Christoph Oertli (CH), Maxim Pozdorovkin / Joe Bender (UK), Paul Rowley / Nicky Gogan (IE), Marie Voignier (FR)

Film programme compiled by: Tobias Hering, Marina Sorbello, Antje Weitzel

Venue film programme: Ballhaus Naunynstrasse, Naunynstr. 27, 10997 Berlin,

The book on the project is published by argobooks, Berlin,


Lange Nacht der Museen

This Saturday 27th August will be the annual Berlin Lange Nacht der Museen (Long night of museums)
Running from 6pm to 2am, this year approximately 80 official venues will be taking part.
The official website can be found here:
Tickets cost 15 euros (or 10 euros with a concession) and children under 12 are free. The ticket also allows visitors to use the shuttle buses provided.

As always there will be a lot of fringe events running parallel to the more official museum programme. One such event which is well worth a visit is the open studio evening in the Gerichtshöfe Atelierhaus. 33 artists in this studio complex located in Wedding will be opening the doors of their studios also from 6pm to 2am. Further information can be found here:

Show VI at MMX Berlin on August 27

Show VI opens on August 27, 2010.  A performative craze has landed at MMX bringing forth 30 artists and 14 performers in a 6-week span. Juan Arata brings his project “Out of Control”; every week one artist leaves after curating a replacement. Each new artist is welcomed into the gallery on Wednesday nights with a mini-opening and special performances. Bernd Bleffert’s klangkunst performs throughout the East wing along with Sarah Rechberger’s sublime work with oscillating light. Ivonne Dippmann unveils outdoor wall works and Kati Gausmann draws the subtle traces of Kleidung. Laura Napier’s public interventions and David Sherry’s cheeky performances counteract the blasé of daily life.  Screening program VI is an eclectic mix of performance work.

The Vernissage on August 27; performances by AlteregoRelativamenteSensibili, Nadia Salom, David Sherry and Laura Napier.  Tacos Berlin will be serving yummy Mexican food all night long.               

Artists: Laura Napier, Bernd Bleffert, Kati Gausmann, Ivonne Dippmann, Sarah Rechberger, Elke Graalfs, David Sherry, Tobias Sternberg, Islamiya Scarr, Jon Rafman, Cari Freno, Jacob Tonski, Andrew de Freitas, Hugh Walton, Ben Kinsley, Inez de Vega, Eric Fleischauer, Zachary Fabri, Michelle Teran, Juan Arata, SSMIDD, Lan Hungh, Phillipe Marcus, Stephanie Custance, Gab Heller, Christel Fetzer, AlteregoRelativamenteSensibili, Nadia Salom, Liang Ya-hui, Elizabeth Wurst, Joakim Stampe & Chuyia Chia, Julischka Stengele, Márcio Carvalho & Brina Stinehelfer, Dovrat and Elana Katz

MMX- Open Art Venue

Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Wed 12-22  Thu-Sun 12-19
Exhibition: August 27- October 10
Opening: August 27, 2010  18:00-22:00


S.LOW is a Berlin-based cross-disciplinary project involving 34 international and national visual artists, music composers working with electronic media, musicologists, performers, engineers, physical scientists and film-makers. The project aims to articulate synergies from such a mixed community of individuals who have been invited to respond to the concept of 'slow' and or 'low ', in the context of th...e city of Berlin.
Thursday 12th of AUGUST 2010

Venue: Metropol Cafe-Bar - Landsberger Allee 62 - 10249 Berlin (map)

15:00-16:00 A chance for S.LOW participants and event attendees to meet informally before evening events.

Venue: 91mQ - Landsberger Allee 54 - 10249 Berlin (map)

16:00-18:00 Dawn Weleski, Cristina Martín Lara. Invited speakers will introduce their work and will invite questions from the floor at the end of the session.

Venue: 91mQ - Landsberger Allee 54 -10249 Berlin (map)

19:00-21:00 Invited speakers to the panel: Dawn Weleski, Iain McCurdy, Jonathan Reus, Ricardo Climent. Moderator: Sunshine Wong

Panel Focus: The manipulation -- or in some cases the subversion -- of technology is fundamental to any creative endeavour. Whether it is the long-standing tradition of sewing or some cutting-edge development in robotics, the art practitioner's role remains that of the innovator who, through varying degrees of deconstruction and recontextualisation, realises previously unexplored potentials. The artists involved in this round of talks will shed light on the media and techniques that have informed their work, and share their views on the utilisation of "old" and "new" technologies in contemporary art.

+ OFF-S.LOW PARTY. Various artists

Friday 13th of AUGUST 2010

Venue: NK - Elsenstr. 52 - 12059 Berlin (map)

16:00-16:30 Welcome to NK / coffee

16:30-17:15 Jonathan Reus (NK Artist in Residence)

For the last year, Jonathan Reus has been conducting research and development of new music performance systems at STEIM (, in Amsterdam. In this presentation, Jonathan will discuss interesting research topics in live computer-music performance, as well as give an overview of the work being done at STEIM in this regard and discuss his current work with ARM-Core embedded processors as part of a recent residency at studio N.K. in Berlin

(short break)

17:30-18:15 Ricardo Climent

This presentation will be a work-in-progress update of the methodologies and processes employed when creating my First Dynamic Documentary Film (DDF) with the working Title 'Calle Garibaldi'. I am exploring a hybrid visual genre, guided through sound, which reunits aspects of DocuFiction, Interactive Inmersive Environments and the Acousmatic tradition in space environments. It builds upon my previous navigation system through sound experience, where music structures are built around our visual experience and intuitive decisions as a method of anticipating sonic behaviour'.


Venue: Projektraum Schwarz - Weichselstrasse 34 - Berlin-Neukölln (map)

19:00-21:00 Iain McCurdy sound installation opening

SU-Bahn Sonicography presents an interactive sound installation in which visitors are invited to explore physical channels in the piece's surface with their finger tips. The shapes and arrangement of these channels has been inspired by a stylized map of the Berlin transport network and its musical inspiration from the ideas of interdependence within an internally dynamic yet globally equilibrius system. This piece continues my work exploring interdependence in the sonic realisation resulting from multiple interactions with the piece. The interdependent nature of control creating a social music making environment. The metaphor being applied is that the musical outcome will represent the equilibrium state resulting from all forces (interactions) acting upon the device. The number of musical possibilities resulting from a such a system can be huge, therefore this will be an instrument that remains enigmatic to the visitor and one that will resist swift reduction as a simple analogue electronic device.

Opening times: Friday 13th to Wednesday 18th August 18.00 - 22.00.


Two interesting opening this Friday in Berlin


Marc Bijl, Thomas Chapman, Sven Drühl, Lori Hersberger, Daniel Jackson, Clemens Krauss, Olivier Mosset, Jan Muche, Mario Neugebauer, Manfred Peckl, Nathan Peter, Richard Priestley, Marcus Sendlinger, Peter Thol

Opening Fr. 6.08.10, 8:00 p.m , live B-MEN
Exhibition 6.08. - 21.08.2010 , Thu-Sat 4 - 6 p.m.
curated by Marcus Sendlinger


Glasgow School of Art MFA International Exhibition
Berlin > Bethanien > Mariannenplatz 2

Opening: 6 August, Friday, 7-11 pm
Exhibition: 7 - 28 August 2010
Tuesday to Saturday 11-6 pm

Oliver Braid, Fiona Burke, Celeste Carballo, Kirstin Carlin, Kaifeng Chun, Emily Donnini, Caroline Douglas, Solveig Einarsdottir, Hannah Ellul, Kitty Finer, Emma Fitts, Sarah Forrest, Ellie Harrison, Tom Harrup, Gayoung Jang, Amy Marletta, Gaby Peters, Charlotte Prodger, Rosemary Scanlon, Peter Schoeffer, Olga Schulz, Darren Tesar, Deniz Uster, Tobias Wootton, Jamie Wright

curated by John Calcutt and Graham Ramsay

Artnews Projects c/o Bethanien
Mariannenplatz 2, D-10997 Berlin

Last days to see the 2010 Berlin Biennale

The 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art which opened on the 11th June and will close in 3 days on the 8th August. The last event of the Biennale takes place on Sunday, 8.8.2010 at 7 pm at KW Institute for Contemporary Art and this will be a talk in English entitled In the body of the victim with Ion Grigorescu, participating artist of the Biennale.

Marta Dziewanska, Editor of the publication Ion Grigorescu. In the body of the victim (2010)
Kathrin Rhomberg, Curator of the 6th Berlin Biennale and the exhibition Ion Grigorescu. In the body of the victim 1969–2009, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2009. The talk is accompanied by the book launch: Ion Grigorescu. In the body of the victim. Ion Grigorescu, born in 1945 in Bucharest, was one of the first Romanian conceptual artists and advocates of anti-art, postulating a radical consolidation of artistic activities with quotidian life. The publication is the fruit of the exhibition prepared in 2009 by Kathrin Rhomberg and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, which for the first time gathered works from 1969 to 2009. As part of the 6th Berlin Biennale Grigorescu's film Sleep (2008), the photograph Topbottom (2008) and a diary of the artist are shown at KW.

On Sunday, 8.8.2010 the 6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art will remain open at KW Institute for Contemporary Art until 9 pm.

Thursday Evening Ticket: for the last time on 5.8.2010

The Thursday Evening Ticket costs 5 Euro and is valid on Thursday evening from 7 to 10 pm at Oranienplatz 17 or at KW Institute for Contemporary Art.

KW Institute for Contemporary Art
6th Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
Auguststraße 69

Show V - MMX - July 16, 2010

Show V opens on July 16, 2010. Andy Holtin premieres his interactive pieces Glance, Contraption for the Influence of Breath and Checkin’ out you checkin’ out me. Tobias Sternberg finishes Schadensorge with the addition of one more animal in the bushes. Islamiya Scarr joins us in the garden with her decadent and campy birdbath sculpture. Elke Graalfs’ wall work remains in the entrance room while Kuno Ebert’s Mindset takes a closer look at the natural narcissism of the Spiegel. Gert-Jan Akerboom takes his site-specific drawings out through the windows and into the Hinterhof. Kinga Dunikowska and Gianni Moretti transform their spaces into microcosms of otherworldliness. Lana Vogestad’s video installations come over from Iceland. Screening Program V is a Chicago/Berlin Exchange curated by Eric Fleischauer and features emerging video art from the Windy City.

Exhibition: July 16-August 20
Opening: July 16, 2010 18:00-22:00

MMX- Open Art Venue
Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Wed 12-22 Thu-Sun 12-19

Where gravity makes you float

Grim Projects presents

WHERE GRAVITY MAKES YOU FLOAT curated by Silja Leifsdottir

June 12th-July 8th 2010. OPENING 12th 19:00-23:00

Group show with Henrik Menné, Josefine Lyche/Henrik Pask, Kristina Bengtsson, Katharina Kiebacher,Michael John Whelan, Simen J. Helsvig, Sinta Werner.

The exhibition Where gravity makes you float looks at contemporary artists who in different ways play with the nature and limitation of knowledge through their exploration of existential ideas. By working through philosophical problems visually, they question a fully rational understanding of the world. The works in the exhibition reveal a deep curiosity about the nature of reality and embody a constant dialogue between fact and fiction.

According to 20th century myths, the laws of aerodynamics prove that the bumblebee should be incapable of flight, as it does not have the capacity in terms of wing size or beat per second to fly. Not being aware of scientists 'proving' it cannot fly, the bumblebee succeeds under ‘the power of its own ignorance’.

Gravity is well known as a force of nature that is just as inevitable as death. It is responsible for keeping the earth and all the other planets in the orbits around the sun. Without it, life as we know it, would not exist. In spite of this knowledge, mankind have been attempting to conquer this force for centuries, dreaming about weightlessness and the ability to fly.

Saturday, June 12, 2010
7:00pm - 11:00pm
GRIMMUSEUM. Fichte strasse 2, 10967 Berlin

Show IV at MMX

Show IV opens on June 4, 2010 with a musical performance by the Canadian duo Trike. Tobias Sternberg continues his interactive piece Schadensorge in the garden, if you missed the life-sized mammoth in the tree then be prepared for more creatures. Elke Graalfs unleashes her palette to transform the entire entrance room. Paintings from Hannah Murgatroyd and Nicole Lebarge, a video installation by Irishman Maurice Doherty, performances by Berlin based Madeline Stillwell and a 2.5 meter bubble making machine entitled Cycle by Ben Sloat. Michael Ebert’s Stiller remains in the Hinterhof and Screening Program IV is curated by the MMX staff and includes works by Jesper Just, Annette Otto, Nicolas Provost and Eric Fleischauer. Last summer the Venice Biennial premiered the work of Uruguayan artist Pablo Uribe and this summer MMX brings Atardecer to Germany.

MMX- Open Art Venue
Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Wed 12-22 Thu-Sun 12-19
Exhibition: June 4-July 9
Opening: June 4, 2010 18:00-22:00

Landsberger Allee 54

Landsberger Allee which was once called Lenin Allee seems like a never ending street, it runs from the Platz der Vereinten Nationen onward and east-wards. This seemingly non-descript street, which is filled with traffic and tram lines running at a constant rate, has actually a couple of quite illustrious historic locations dotted along its length. One such location is the former Patzenhofer Brewery which apparently was once Europe's largest brewery. The building dates back to 1877, closed as a brewery in 1990 and since then has fallen into disrepair to put it mildly, in fact it is a steps or two above being a just derelict shell of a building and just lake many empty derelict shells in Berlin the artists have moved in and taken over.

Located at Landsberger Allee 54 at the corner of Richard Sorge Strasse, the graffitied hallways are now filled up with artists studio spaces and most interestingly a selection of gallery and project spaces. It seems that the names and setups of each of these spaces is in constant flux or evolution but currently you can find Project Space 91mq, the galleries Styx and Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Gallery G11 and Marzia Frozen Contemporary Art. Each one with a very different flavour and style and approach but all with something interesting to offer. If you are every wondering why Berlin has gained such an international reputation for its unique art scene and art spaces then this is one place that offers a very current answer to that question.

The G11 Gallery on the third floor is the newest addition to the building. It is being run by a small collective of artists based in Leipzig and stands in quite contrast to the building it inhabits. It is a clean white professional looking space in a decaying, wild, almost dangerous looking building. Their first exhibition in this space presents work from the artists who have setup and are running the space. Three artists, John Power from Ireland, Lexander Prokogh from Russia and Hendrik Voerkel from Germany present a collection of painting and object/installation which is of all of a strikingly high quality. It will be very interesting to see how the exhibitions in this space evolve over time.

The Project Space 91mq on the first floor was founded in 2008 by Elena Bellantoni and Marco Giani, two berlin based Italian artists and has since expanded and begun working with new curators and artist. They present a mix of work, experimental and playful in a variety of mediums which seems to lead towards the tighter conceptual side of the game.

The current exhibition at Marzia Frozen Contemporary Art on the third floor is called Fucking Kunst and is based on the theme of censorship. The walls present a salon style hanging of painting and photography while the centre of the space presents a number of installation or object based pieces. This is the gallery space which fits into its into its surroundings the easiest, at first glance it is as wild, dangerous and chaotic in here as it is throughout the building. But here the aim it obviously orchestrated to shock and while the individual pieces on show vary in quality and style quite dramatically, collectively it works as a tightly curated showing.

The STYX Project Space on the second floor has been presenting the first Berlin exhibition of New York based artist Daniel Turner. This space presents a very mixed programme not only by showing visual art but also live music, performances, and readings.

The Kunstraum Richard Sorge has a separate ground floor entrance is named after the neighbouring street and the communist spy that apparently was Ian Fleming's model for James Bond and reputedly saved the Western world from Nazism. The work they present follows this semi political and historical strand. “Like its namesake, the initiative independently works from a marginal, yet cosmopolitan position to ultimately save the world.”

Shadow + Sunlight

Midori Hirose, “Black Rainbow”, 2010 gouache and Flashe on archival paper 6.25” x 5.25”

Venue: The EAST/WEST Project BERLIN
Artists: Midori Hirose, Chloé Richard, Per Schumann + Elina Tuhkanen
Dates: April 30 - May 29, 2010
Opening Reception : Friday, April 30, 2010 at 7pm - 10pm

For “Shadow + Sunlight” the EAST/WEST Project presents a Berlin/West Coast Spectacular of work by a new generation of artists raised in a world colored by counter-cultural ideals of the 60’s and esoteric, transcendental visuals from the American Symbolist and Visionary artistic movements of the early 20th century. Encompassing painting, photography, sculpture and drawing, it is an exhibition of moments where micro-emotional experiences open the door
to a new and infinite sense of self in the world; a walk through the city becomes a cartographic mandala charting intimate epiphanies, hypercolor crystals trap the suggestion of a sacred geometry, tiny hillsides sprout on the backs of gnarled mushrooms and young men and women commune with one another in a woodland utopia.
Midori Hirose (Portland, Oregon) Hirose’s collages of bright crystalline gradients are a joyful examination of figurative representation and abstraction. With a rainbow palette and painterly hand, her deliberate arrangements of crisp and reasoned polygons move beyond strict minimalist confines and recall the shapes and colors of natural crystals with esoteric and mystic
Chloé Richard (Portland, Oregon/Berlin, Germany) Richard’s photography documents the lives of a young generation. The “Bagby Hot Springs Series” marks a shift from the landscape of an urban daily life to the verdant woods of the Northwestern United States. Here, suffused with lush sunlight, she captures intimate portraits of reflection and contemplation.
Per Schumann (Hamburg, Germany) In the "Daily Kraut" drawing series Schumman turns his daily walks into illustrated maps charting his thoughts and encounters he has along the way. Brightly colored and filled with a deep appreciation for nature, they are an intimate reflection on how through a simple physical interaction everyday environments can be an ever-changing
discovery of self and place.
Elina Tuhkanen (Portland, Oregon/Finland) In the “The Kääpä Collection” Tuhkanen collects her memories of walking through forests and fields and her sense of curiosity on finding furrows and holes, dark places full of secrets and questions. Using mushrooms gathered from fallen trees in old growth forests as her canvas she isolates those moments of discovery by creating
intimately scaled landscapes of her own.
The EAST/WEST Project is a 501(c)3 international exhibition program founded by Dam, Stuhltrager (EAST) and galleryHOMELAND (WEST). Previously located in Alexanderplatz, The EAST/WEST Project moved in January 2010 to an incredible, doubled-in-size, new space next to the Berliner Unterwelten on Fichtestraße!

Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00 - 18:00 or by appointment
Contact: The EAST/WEST Project, Fichtestrasse 3, Berlin, Germany -
Directions: U7 to Sudstern. (Two blocks from station.)

Henrik Wolff "Landschaft und Wolken" - opening Sat 17th April

Henrik Wolff "Landschaft und Wolken"
Eröffnung: Samstag, 17. April 2010, 18 Uhr
17. April bis 12. Juni 2010

Zum ersten Mal nach 13 Jahren zeigt Henrik Wolff wieder Gemälde. Bei Markus
Winter eröffnet am 17. April eine Ausstellung mit dem Titel "Landschaft und Wolken".
Es ist die erste Ausstellung des Malers seit “Zuspiel” mit Thomas Schütte im
Kunstverein für die Rheinlande und Westfalen in Düsseldorf, 1997.
Mehrschichtigkeit und eine distinguierte Farbigkeit zeichnen diese reflektierte Malerei
aus. Der Künstler, der das Handwerk perfekt versteht, baut aus einer Vielzahl
übereinander liegender Lasuren matte, verwunschene Landschaften auf. Seine
Motive erinnern rasch an Asien und Europa und scheinen zuerst sehr alt, aber dann
wiederum nicht datierbar. Die Bezugnahme auf Werke der Malereigeschichte ist
evident, bleibt aber vage und vieldeutig, wie die Aussage der Bilder. Auf einer
Grundlage von ungewöhnlich hoher malerischer Qualität spielt der Künstler mit Deja
Vus und poetischer Imperfektion.
Die Herstellung der Gemälde kann bis zu mehreren Monaten in Anspruch nehmen.
Auf seinem kürzlich eingerichtetem Online-Journal können die
Entstehungsphasen im Detail nachvollzogen werden.

Exhibition by American Photographer Gregg LeFevre at Freies Museum, Berlin

Exhibition by American Photographer Gregg LeFevre at Freies Museum, Berlin

3 Voices in my Head: Three exhibitions curated by Shaheen Merali
Freies Museum, Potsdamer Straße 91. 10785 Berlin
April 18 through May 14, 2010. Opening reception: April 17 at 7:00pm

Corporate advertising imprints itself on a city and not surprisingly, a city often talks back. Since the mid-1980s, artist Gregg LeFevre has been documenting this dialog in cities around the world. His photographs illustrate the accidental, premeditated and fleeting ways that a city’s inhabitants—from protestors to pigeons—respond to commercial messaging. His images—straightforward street photography, not collages or digital manipulations—reflect LeFevre’sinterest in documenting the urban landscape exactly as he sees it.

In his Freies Museum installation, LeFevre has stretched a number of large-scale photographic works from ceiling to floor within the industrial interior of the galleries. This recent series explores the concept of subversion. Once an advertising image is released from the safeguards of the corporate studio into the unpredictable topography of the
city, the inherent tensions between commercial mythology and urban reality begin to surface: protestors and graffiti artists respond, urban wildlife plays a part and sun, wind, and rain leave their marks. LeFevre focuses on varied aspects of this dialog between citizens and advertisers.

Curated by the London and Berlin based writer and curator Shaheen Merali, these three exhibitions of artists Gregg LeFevre, Ulrich Volz and Yvette Mattern at the Freies Museum in Berlin will run from April 18 – May 4, with an artists reception on April 17 at 7:00pm. The exhibition’s title, 3 Voices in my Head, refers to the connection Merali has found between the different artists’ work, of which he explains, “In the work produced by all three artists, the one concern that remains stable is their differing relationship to the notion of a globality and its uncontrollable wanton consumption.”

Gregg LeFevre’s work can be viewed at Press inquiries should be directed to Jennifer Andrews at 1 347 351 9609 or For more information about the exhibition, contact Museum Director Marianne Wagner-Simon at +49 (0) 179 921 2146 or