Where gravity makes you float

Grim Projects presents

WHERE GRAVITY MAKES YOU FLOAT curated by Silja Leifsdottir

June 12th-July 8th 2010. OPENING 12th 19:00-23:00

Group show with Henrik Menné, Josefine Lyche/Henrik Pask, Kristina Bengtsson, Katharina Kiebacher,Michael John Whelan, Simen J. Helsvig, Sinta Werner.

The exhibition Where gravity makes you float looks at contemporary artists who in different ways play with the nature and limitation of knowledge through their exploration of existential ideas. By working through philosophical problems visually, they question a fully rational understanding of the world. The works in the exhibition reveal a deep curiosity about the nature of reality and embody a constant dialogue between fact and fiction.

According to 20th century myths, the laws of aerodynamics prove that the bumblebee should be incapable of flight, as it does not have the capacity in terms of wing size or beat per second to fly. Not being aware of scientists 'proving' it cannot fly, the bumblebee succeeds under ‘the power of its own ignorance’.

Gravity is well known as a force of nature that is just as inevitable as death. It is responsible for keeping the earth and all the other planets in the orbits around the sun. Without it, life as we know it, would not exist. In spite of this knowledge, mankind have been attempting to conquer this force for centuries, dreaming about weightlessness and the ability to fly.

Saturday, June 12, 2010
7:00pm - 11:00pm
GRIMMUSEUM. Fichte strasse 2, 10967 Berlin

Show IV at MMX

Show IV opens on June 4, 2010 with a musical performance by the Canadian duo Trike. Tobias Sternberg continues his interactive piece Schadensorge in the garden, if you missed the life-sized mammoth in the tree then be prepared for more creatures. Elke Graalfs unleashes her palette to transform the entire entrance room. Paintings from Hannah Murgatroyd and Nicole Lebarge, a video installation by Irishman Maurice Doherty, performances by Berlin based Madeline Stillwell and a 2.5 meter bubble making machine entitled Cycle by Ben Sloat. Michael Ebert’s Stiller remains in the Hinterhof and Screening Program IV is curated by the MMX staff and includes works by Jesper Just, Annette Otto, Nicolas Provost and Eric Fleischauer. Last summer the Venice Biennial premiered the work of Uruguayan artist Pablo Uribe and this summer MMX brings Atardecer to Germany.

MMX- Open Art Venue
Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Wed 12-22 Thu-Sun 12-19
Exhibition: June 4-July 9
Opening: June 4, 2010 18:00-22:00