"Traces" by Gytis Skudzinskas at WerkStadt Berlin

The Traces cycle, which began evolving in 1999, places its focus on territories inhabited by people. The exploration and transformation of urban spaces is connected to the organization, migration, communication, and self-awareness of communities and individuals. “Traces” seeks to mark the outer limits of personal experiences in the present situation.

The work is not a representative city panorama but rather a hyper textual telling about the space where people live. The story does not have a central axis and focuses on the possibility to experience the same space over and over again.

more info on www.gys.lt
Firday 07 January · 19:00 - 22:00
WerkStadt Kulturverein Berlin e. V.

Emser Str. 124

The final MMX show -Friday October 29th

Not to be missed!!! Friday October 29th the last show of the one-year project that is MMX. Show VII offers the tasty and interactive work of Risa Puno with her kunst vending machine and “Magic Eye” auto
stereogram wall works. James Bullough takes the challenge of transforming the bar space
of MMX while Juan Arata paints the underbelly creatures of Berlin’s nightlife. Geoffrey
Garrison brings his new video installation piece that questions the space and time around
a gilded frame. Screening program VII deals with the theme “the end is just the
beginning”, appropriately fitting for MMX’s history. Fresh from Winnipeg, Lancelot
Coar and Patrick Harrop take over the front of the house. Valentin Hartweck’s
installation will entrap the viewer as they head towards BitteBitteJaJa (collaborative
video works by Ulu Braun and Roland Rauschmeier). The UV light installation by
Jeongmoon Choi finishes the show with an atmospheric and labyrinthian end.
Tacos Berlin will be serving up yummy Mexican food once again at the Vernissage.
Nothing less than a stellar last show with unexpected installations and weekly
performances by Argentinian artist Martin Molinaro

MMX- Open Art Venue
Linienstraße 142/143, Mitte
Hours- Wed 12-22 Thu-Sun 12-19
Exhibition: October 29 – December 3
Opening: October 29, 2010 18:00-22:00

Friday Openings

La Chose presents
MMX Open Art Venue, Linienstrasse 142/143, 10115 Berlin

Sascha Blume · Carly Fisher · Lola Göller · Constantin Hartenstein · Hideaki Idetsuki · Martin Meyenburg · Alex Neuschäfer · Pete Moran · Sharman Riegger · Julien Rouvroy · Benjamin Rubloff · Betti Scholz · Elmar Vestner · Bastian Vogel · Das Geschehen

What went wrong with the future? How did tomorrow lose its promise? What happened to the endless possibilities and solutions it once represented to our grandparents? And why is what has not yet happened being handled with so much precaution and skepticism nowadays?
Drawing on broad ranging perspectives, the exhibition will seek to provide a critical view of the possibilities and shortcomings of once-dreamt utopian totalities. By exploring what relevance these past imaginings of the future hold for current notions of progress, it will also expose our own ideas of what is yet to come.
The exhibition venue, the MMX, offers 1000sqm of floor space plus surrounding gardens to examine the topic at hand. The area is one of the last untouched, unrenovated buildings on Linienstrasse in Mitte. With its intimate front yard, labyrinthine layout of gallery rooms and back courtyard, the MMX provides a unique backdrop to this unusual exhibition.
The exhibition’s title is taken from An Anthology of Optimism, a performance by Pieter de Buysser and Jacob Wren.

La Chose is a project-based artist collective established in 2009. The collective consists of a small core group of artists who invite an ever-changing line-up of visual artists, performers, musicians and composers to collaborate with them on projects that are often site specific.



"Visit" - Lexander Prokogh at G11 Galerie
Opening reception will take place on Friday, the 15th of October, at 7pm.
Exhibition runs: 16. Oktober - 14. November 2010

G11 Galerie
Landsberger Allee 54, 3. Etage
10249 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Haunch of Venison Berlin to close

News from The Art Newspaper:
"Haunch of Venison gallery is to close its Berlin space at the end of the year to focus on New York and London. “Berlin is one of the most energetic and exciting art cities, but it doesn’t have that community of collecting,” said London director Matt Carey-Williams."

The Haunch of Venison opened its Berlin branch in 2007 on Heidestrasse and a bunch of other galleries sprung up and moved in around it. Over those 3 years the Haunch has presented shows by some well known names such Bill Viola, Mat Collishaw, Richard Long, Damien Hirst and most recently Yoko Ono. The Haunch of Venison gallery was founded in 2002 in the West End of London and since February 2007 it has been owned by Christies' auction house. 

Berlin art fair season is open

Let the madness begin! This week sees the opening of Berlins annual arts fairs. And this year there are actually 5 art fairs running concurrently. 

Starting with the Berliner Kunstsalon which opens this evening, Tuesday 5th October at 5pm. Now in it's seventh year it has found a new home on Landsberger Allee in the east of the city and also a new director. It runs for 5 days finishing on Sunday the 10th October and running daily from 2pm to 10pm except on Sunday when it will finish at the earlier time of 8pm. 7 years ago this was the most exciting art fair in the city, it present the youngest, rawest, most cutting edge art of all the art fairs. New galleries, artist run project spaces and collectives presented the best and the worst that Berlin could offer. Over the years it has lost much of its initial freshness and has felt like a record stuck on the same track. This year perhaps it's new location, the a-station, Landsberger Allee may bring new life back to the beast.

Then there is the Berliner Liste opening on Wednesday 6th October at 6pm. Also in its 7th year it presents the work of artists represented by small and mid sized galleries and also a number of project spaces and individual artists. Located at the former rooms of the Staatliche Münze, Molkenmarkt 2. The Liste has seemed to be struggling a little over the past few years to fill all the slots in the fair as the expansion to allow individual artists and projects to apply for spaces would suggest. It is far more commercial than the Kunstsalon and has always felt like the little brother of the Preview but these dynamics seem to be shifting at each outing so who knows what this year will bring.

The Preview is located for the 4th year at the grand address of the Tempelhof airport and opens on Thursday 7th October. Last year it filled the main entrance hallway of the airport and ended up feeling like an uncurated group exhibition due to the lack of dividing walls between the galleries so this year thankfully it is returning to the setting of hanger 2. This is the 6th year of the art fair which for most of those 6 years has been the number two on the list in terms of importance. It is smaller in the number of galleries that it presents than the Liste and tends to feel more international. This year it has a focus on Eastern European art. 

The ABC art Berlin contemporary is in its 3rd year and is opening on Wednesday, 6 October. It is split between 2 locations Marshall-Haus, Berlin Exhibition Grounds and HAU2 (Hebbel am Ufer), Hallesches Ufer 32. This year is has the title "lights camera action" and has a focus on film in art, presenting screenings at the HAU2 location and a short film program at the Marshall-Haus location. Although the newest fair on the block this year it has strong ties with the main attraction the Art Forum and would seem to have a less commercial than the other fairs.

The Art Forum Berlin is in its 15th year and has risen to become one of the most important, if not the most important, art fair in Germany. It presents an array of the most established international galleries and also an exhibition section showing work from younger or mid-level galleries. This year it is all going to be mixed together rather than separating the big fish from the minnows which may make it a more interesting spectacle. 
Find out more here: http://www1.messe-berlin.de/vip8_1/website/Internet/Internet/www.art-forum-berlin/englisch/index.html 

This year there is also the Stroke Art fair which is focused on Streetart, Graffiti, Low-Brow, Illustration and Skateboard Art see more here: http://www.stroke-artfair.com

The one fact that everyone agrees on is that there is too much to see. Do remember that the opening day or night is generally free but for the bigger art fairs these are by invitation only. Also remember never go to an art fair when you are hungry.