Haunch of Venison Berlin to close

News from The Art Newspaper:
"Haunch of Venison gallery is to close its Berlin space at the end of the year to focus on New York and London. “Berlin is one of the most energetic and exciting art cities, but it doesn’t have that community of collecting,” said London director Matt Carey-Williams."

The Haunch of Venison opened its Berlin branch in 2007 on Heidestrasse and a bunch of other galleries sprung up and moved in around it. Over those 3 years the Haunch has presented shows by some well known names such Bill Viola, Mat Collishaw, Richard Long, Damien Hirst and most recently Yoko Ono. The Haunch of Venison gallery was founded in 2002 in the West End of London and since February 2007 it has been owned by Christies' auction house.