A Berlin Salon - 13th March 2010

Carte Blanche
Exhibition / Salon / Performance
Elly Clarke, Pauline Curnier Jardin, Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez, Linda Franke, Anne Kathrin Greiner, Elisabeth Jugert, Anna-Myga Kasten, Katja Kollowa, Michelle-Marie Letelier, Silvia Marzall, Lätitia Norkeit, Bettina Rave, Karen Scheper De Aquirre, Miriam Steinhauser, Kymberley Ward

Saturday 13th March 2010, 4pm - 10pm

Anyone who thinks Salon Culture belongs to the past is mistaken! Generously (perhaps foolishly?) Clarke Gallery opens its doors to fifteen Ladies, inviting them to present their work in the style of a Salon - as practiced during the 17th-20th centuries.

These fifteen artists met in January 2010. They brought together through their shared "fateful destiny" of the Goldrausch Kunstlerinnen Projekt - of which they are all Stipendium recipients this year. This is the first exhibition these artists have done together and is organised independently of the programme.

With the exhibition title Carte Blanche artists are offered free rein to do whatever they want within the private apartment of Clarke Gallery.

Alongside videos and works on paper are other works created in direct response to the immediate environment of the gallery. The border between furniture and art becomes blurred as the whole flat is monopolised by the artists.

Performances and readings will also take place. The complete line up will be published on the Clarke Gallery website on Friday 12th March.

Food, drink, a touch of anarchy and a sense of nobel refinement will all be present.

We look forward to seeing you!

Clarke Gallery and the 15 Salon Ladies.

Elly Clarke
Pauline Curnier Jardin
Tatiana Echeverri Fernandez
Linda Franke
Anne Kathrin Greiner
Lisa Jugert
Anna-Myga Kasten
Katja Kollowa
Michelle-Marie Letelier
Silvia Marzall
Lätitia Norkeit
Bettina Rave
Karen Scheper De Aquirre
Miriam Steinhauser
Kimberley Ward

Carte blanche definition: unrestricted power to act at one's own discretion.

Clarke Gallery was set up by Elly Clarke in October 2008 and is located in a 4th Floor Hinterhaus apartment in Neukoelln, Berlin, near Hermanplatz.

Text: Miriam Steinhauser, Translation to English: Elly Clarke