Exhibition by American Photographer Gregg LeFevre at Freies Museum, Berlin

Exhibition by American Photographer Gregg LeFevre at Freies Museum, Berlin

3 Voices in my Head: Three exhibitions curated by Shaheen Merali
Freies Museum, Potsdamer Straße 91. 10785 Berlin
April 18 through May 14, 2010. Opening reception: April 17 at 7:00pm

Corporate advertising imprints itself on a city and not surprisingly, a city often talks back. Since the mid-1980s, artist Gregg LeFevre has been documenting this dialog in cities around the world. His photographs illustrate the accidental, premeditated and fleeting ways that a city’s inhabitants—from protestors to pigeons—respond to commercial messaging. His images—straightforward street photography, not collages or digital manipulations—reflect LeFevre’sinterest in documenting the urban landscape exactly as he sees it.

In his Freies Museum installation, LeFevre has stretched a number of large-scale photographic works from ceiling to floor within the industrial interior of the galleries. This recent series explores the concept of subversion. Once an advertising image is released from the safeguards of the corporate studio into the unpredictable topography of the
city, the inherent tensions between commercial mythology and urban reality begin to surface: protestors and graffiti artists respond, urban wildlife plays a part and sun, wind, and rain leave their marks. LeFevre focuses on varied aspects of this dialog between citizens and advertisers.

Curated by the London and Berlin based writer and curator Shaheen Merali, these three exhibitions of artists Gregg LeFevre, Ulrich Volz and Yvette Mattern at the Freies Museum in Berlin will run from April 18 – May 4, with an artists reception on April 17 at 7:00pm. The exhibition’s title, 3 Voices in my Head, refers to the connection Merali has found between the different artists’ work, of which he explains, “In the work produced by all three artists, the one concern that remains stable is their differing relationship to the notion of a globality and its uncontrollable wanton consumption.”

Gregg LeFevre’s work can be viewed at www.gregglefevre.com. Press inquiries should be directed to Jennifer Andrews at 1 347 351 9609 or jennifer@andrewsjennifer.com. For more information about the exhibition, contact Museum Director Marianne Wagner-Simon at +49 (0) 179 921 2146 or marianne.wagner@freies-museum.de


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